I caught them!!!

ribbit32004January 31, 2009

I caught those dogs red pawed tonight. The great dane was wallowing on his back rolling back and forth and doing the back snake dance in one bed while the malemute was standing all four paws in the adjoining bed egging him on.




I had peas, carrots,lettuce, spinach, radish and other things already planted there. Now, goodness knows wherever those things are. I found some of the peas, and a half of a broccoli and spinach seedling, but that's it. Looks like we'll be playing "weed or seed?" when the weather warms up.

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I hope those scoundrels at least got the plant spacing correct ;-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Annie's Kitchen Garden

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Ohhhh, rotten rotten dogs!!!
Did you get some fencing yet? :-)

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

Well good for you! Now, to keep them out of it. Some fencing is the only way to prevent it, that's why I fenced my entire garden.


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I bought fencing yesterday, but it adds more trouble than it takes away. With the fencing, the man couldn't get the tractor in and out of the yard, and since the beds lay more geometrically than straight, I'd have tons of little spaces to go back and fill with gravel because the lawn mower couldn't get in anymore. That, and I moved a very small box today to put a post in and I realized too late that I renered a section of the beds almost unreachable.

This is turning into a comedy of errors.

Moreover, I don't want to fence it in (note pout). The dogs didn't bother either bed this fall AT ALL, but those beds were filled with transplants and there wasn't any alluring dirt to sink your paws in. I'm wondering if I bide my time and adjust my pattern or behavior (not let the dog go out unsupervised) I may just make it until things come through the ground. I'm almost willing to bide my time and see.

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What if you put the fencing over the top of the beds for a while to maybe deter the fun (er, bad habit). Make it tight across the top so they can't dig (or roll).

I read once that one method of deterring dogs from digging and destructive backyard behavior is to hide in the house and watch them, then scare them with an air horn or something when they start digging (course, you'd have to have a window open or something, or you'd just make yourself deaf). I never tried it, b/c quite frankly I thought it sounded like a PITA to do, plus I left them out while gone to work. I'm just throwing it out there on the off chance that it might be something that would work for you.

I have a temporary compost bin made of straw bales that I filled w/ horse manure around Dec 30. My dogs have recently discovered they can pull the top bales down and have access to the pile. While I was out in the cold wind the other day trying to put it back together and strap it down, as I'm 3/4 of the way finished, my young one showed me that he can just hop on top of the whole thing and dig in from the top... lovely critters...

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

You could always garden on your roof. :-)


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I was going to suggest the same thing. Just get some cheap plastic netting and staple it over the top of the bed until the plants start growing.

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