Does this layout look okay?

IAmSupernova(SE Texas 9A)January 29, 2013

Originally posted here: it was suggest I post this here. I'm pretty much going to be following SFG for plant spacing. I just wanted to make sure there's not a fatal error with how I have my plants laid out. Sun rises on the right side, sets on the left and the path is just slightly behind the bottom box (it casts shadows from the bottom to the top of the pic).

Income tax is almost here, which means I get to build my new raised beds and start my new, much larger garden. North is the top just for the record. I used and then amended it's recommended plan to fit my needs (for instance, it had more melons and less corn). I've done my best to situate the plants where the tallest ones won't overshadow the shorter ones.

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That looks like a pretty good layout. Do you have the square foot gardening addon? It really does help me with planning.

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