What to do since the tree got so big??

Jonnyb817September 20, 2012

Fort Worth Texas, Zone 7.

My Red Oak tree has gotten so big the last 10 years it is killing the Bermuda that once grew beneath it. We are not willing to cut the lower limbs. Does anybody have any advice what to put there to cover the dirt? We have three active dogs that run the fence line and chase neighbor squirrels, so delicate plants won't work.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

That was my exact same thought. And maybe a few Azaleas or Hydrangeas, something big enough to not be stepped on.

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Hosta would also work for filler with the shrubs suggested above

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Ferns with mulch look nice, too. Part of the problem might also be that the tree uses most of the water, so you need plants that can tolerate low moisture. Hostas and some ferns fit that requirement. The dogs are a problem. What about some large, decorative boulders, or a picnic table or glider? I know those aren't plants, but it's a different way to use the space. Could you hang a hammock/swing? There are beautiful hanging chairs designed for one person. Also, if you went with mulch, you could do hanging baskets or large containers to bring more plant life to the area. Just a few thoughts. Let us know what you come up with.


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