Lily of the Valley Question

dbrowne(7a/DC)September 11, 2009

Do lily of the valley go dormant in the summer time? Brought and planted some early this year,(late spring) kept the soil moist, but they disappeared soon after. Did they go dormant, or are they gone,gone?

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Here in zn 3 they stick around all summer. The leaves stand upright, I assume they are sending shoots out as they like to wander around. Truth be told you won't know for sure until next year. I would be hopeful. Five or more years ago I planted some in a front bed. I decided I did not want them there after all and a few months later moved them to another bed. I still find one or two each year popping up. They must be growing from tiny bits of root that was left behind. They are nasty like that. Be very sure you want them in your garden and or are prepared to fight them FOREVER.

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Thanks, yeah my next option was to wait until next year to see what happens. I am ready for them to fill up as much space in the garden as possible.

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They do go dormant in summer, at least in warmer climates that experience a hot and often humid summer. If planted in a good location with the correct soil conditions, they should return next season and in greater number.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Mine stay green all summer. They get a bit ratty about now but they still have leaves, and I'm about the same zone as you.


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Lily of the valley is somewhat tricky in some people's garden and abundant in others and they have problems containing it. I planted some in one shaded area and they never took off and never appeared. A few that were grown in a pot took off and as George said stayed green all summer. I guess a bit of trial and error is required for this lovely dainty thing.

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My mom loves lily of the valley and had a lot at her old house. She's planted some at the new house, but they do take a while to get going and spread. Once they do, you should have plenty.

Note- Lily of the Valley is very poisonous, all parts. Be careful if you have any small children around. That being said, they are beautiful little flowers with a wonderful fragrance.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Yes it does take a little longer to get them started if you do not have the perfect place for them to grow.

All my young ones are pretty smart and have never tried to eat plants so I am safe planting anything outside or inside. No little grazing animals in my house all are human. LOL

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Marquest- LOL! I wish I could say the same. Too many visiting nieces, nephews and friends to be sure (our horses are kid magnets) so I stick with sweet violets. Very pretty, also look good in partial shade and you can even make desserts with the flowers :)

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