a garden for 'Hope' among the oaks

cliff_4dSeptember 5, 2009

Will a Korean fir grow well in a shady white oak patch?

Baby Hope was born 8-24 and lived 36 hours. We brought her home and buried her on our own property among the oak trees. We intend to make this little family plot into a nice garden. Well meaning family and friends have brought plants and the above mentioned tree to help get the garden started, but i'm not sure they are the correct choice for the location. I live in Zone 7b in Oregon and the soil is mostly clay below the 6-10 inches of top soil. We wanted to plant roses but most require full sun, a ground cover rose has been donated,(Rosa x Noatraum). I am probably in over my head and would love any advise or encouragment. tks

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Well I am a relative amateur so I don't have a lot of great reccomendations but I am very very sorry for your loss. I guess you HAVE to plant among the oaks? I know its a tough spot ... I'd try woodland plants ... I don't know what roses grow well in shade but here is a site about woodland rose gardens:


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What a beautiful idea. I don't know about fir (I'm a noob and not in your zone) but I would suggest dogwood, bleeding heart, lamium, periwinkle flower...

When I lived in Oregon (Portland) there was a gorgeous magnolia tree growing in the shade. It had the most gorgeous huge flowers...the smell was intoxicating.

I hope your hope garden brings you peace and love.

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Other Hope plants might include miniature Hemlocks like 'Coles'- very shade tolerant. Spring flowers like Epimediums, Foam flowers, Partridge Berry, Alleghany spurge, Anemone nemorosa and Asarums. Crocus speciosus will grow under high shade and flowers here in late August-Sept. It comes in blue and white forms. Cyclamen hederifolium also comes to mind. Stoneroot(Collinsonia canadensis) flowers, give off a lemony scent when tapped. This medicinal woodlander flowers in late August-Sept.
Sasanqua Camellias start their season in Sept., perhaps earlier. Hamamelis virginiana flowers around Thanksgiving and then the Wintersweet starts, going into Christmas. Galanthus nivalis start the new year off with Lenten Roses continuing into spring.
These are all shade tolerant things and relatively drought and pest free here.


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