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haloony(6B)January 20, 2013

Hey All,

My name is Hal and I finally decided to take up SFG. I bought Mel's book and I am using his tips wherever I can. I recently went to Lowe's and purchased some lumber to build a 4' x 2' x 6" box for an SFG. I have posted some pictures below. I have some questions about waterproofing and stability.
The floor of the box is sureply pine I believe. I was wondering if it is appropriate to have that as a floor with no wateproofing mechanism in place. Will the wood floor take on water damage and lose strength and stability? If so, what have you guys done to ensure this does not happen.
I was also wondering about stability. The box is ultimately going to hold 4 cubic feet of Mel's mix. I plan on placing the box on top of some sort of folding table on my back porch. I was wondering if you guys think this is adequate for stability. If not, what do you suggest?


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if remember correctly good top soil has weight of 50lbs per square foot. since mels mix is lighter the the table would have to support at least 150lbs when the mix is wet.

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The wood on the floor will suffer water damage and rot over time. Other than treated wood, you can use "concrete boards" or synthetic boards. You can also try to coat them with gutter rubber sealent, which ahould protect the wood.

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Look for FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) panels, which will tolerate continuous wetting and not rot. Treated plywood or any treated lumber is no good in close relation to food crops. And unfortunately your untreated plywood in constant contact with moist soil will delaminate over a year or so.

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