root systems and the 'water works'

shugnshayApril 14, 2007

Completely new to gardening, and planning a rather large project by my standards. I'm looking at different areas in my yard to plant paw paws, rabbiteye blueberries, figs, triple crown blackberries, and possibly loquats. Now for the question: how far from septic drainage pipe and water well can I plant any of these?

The drainage pipe for our septic system is only 2 to 4 inches below ground. I've read that blackberry and blueberry roots are very shallow and very fragile, but nothing on how far from such structures one should plant. DH is plumber, and says it's bad news to interfere with either of these structures without huge-normous headaches.

Many thanks.


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It's one of those better be safe than sorry things. All roots in the septic tank drainage area will tend to go towards the water supply. That means that even shallow rooted plants will send a multitude of little rootlets towards the outlets, eventually clogging them. I am sure that somewhere on the Internet there is a site that will tell you how much space to leave. It might be a good idea to take your husband's advice.

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