Flower Gardening on a slope

clare1501(z7 NC)April 16, 2010

Part of my new yard has a slope. It was impossible to mow grass so the first occupants surrounded it with edging and made a flower bed. I am told it was quite a sight and always in bloom. The next residents let it go and now all that is left are some daylilies and two rhododendrons . I really don't think it is the right place for them so seek advice. They are about 2 foot tall now.

The second question is what is best to place on a slope. What are easy maintenance but hardy? It's hard to dig as you slide downwards sometimes, but I have managed to put in some hostas. Around the edge I have placed ice plant and monkey grass, thinking they are pretty easy to grow. It has not rained since and I have visions of everything washing away when it does.

The top is quite dry, the bottom moist.

It would be great if I could terrace it but I can't financially manage that right now.

My daughter in law suggested getting some big rocks and making a rockery, but then the problem is how do I get big rocks home.

Any ideas, suggestions or tips welcome?

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Is the area in sun or shade?
If the daylillies and rhodies have survived there, virtually neglected, maybe they are in the right place after all! Have you thought about just raking the area and scattering wildflower seeds, then keeping the area just moist with a sprinkler til they germinate? There are good wildflower companies that can sell you a mixture for your area. Wildseed Farms is one such place, online. You could also do herbs, if you have a sunny well drained slope. Some will sprout us easy from seed. If you want to plant it out, there are several tall clumping grasses and sedges that tolerate neglect. Sedum is a plant that likes sun and dry conditions. What about sunflowers?

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If it's in full sun, one of the old fashioned lantana varieties could fit. They get big, are low maintenance, come in all kinds of colors, the birds love the seeds and they bloom from spring all the way to frost. Once established they are very hardy.

Don't buy the little yellow ones in Home Depot -- they stay small and aren't as robust.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

clare, somewhere between the dry top and the moist bottom you have marvelous siting for lavender and rosemary if you can give them enough sun.
My previous house had that slope situation also and I found that the jewel colors of purslane are marvelous annuals to tuck in because they spread out. I had wonderful luck with lavenders. If you plot out what you want where and tuck in a few spreading annuals, come fall you pull out the deads and mark the spot with a plant pot so you don't have to re-dig next year.

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clare1501(z7 NC)

Thanks for your ideas. The slope has sun until mid afternoon and then it is in shade from the trees planted at the top of it.
I like the thought of lantana, rosemary and lavendar with soem annuals between :o)
The Rhodies are still small. I wonder how they will look when they are full grown and sitting where they are. Are there dwarf versions or are these likely to get 15ft high or so? They also planted one right beside the house - will the roots hurt the foundation?
Thanks again!

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