Bridget HelmApril 2, 2013

Every year I pull clovers by hand as soon as I see them. I then spray any that I missed. They still came back. I've NEVER had clovers take over like this. I have or had, rather, healthy centipede grass that was planted 7 years ago and was doing great. I haven't had weed problem until these crazy clovers. I've got the white flowered ones and some super tiny clovers with little bitty yellow flowers and some medium leaved clovers with medium yellow flowers. the super tiny ones are more glossy than that others.

My neighbor told me that once it gets hot they will die??? Is he right? I hope I hope he is.

If not, what shall I do?


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I think the one with little yellow flowers might be Trifolium campestre which is a non-native biennial. That means it lives two years. It will set seeds so even if the plant itself dies when it gets hot (and I don't know if that is true), it will have left behind seeds for next year.

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