Where in the world IS everyone????

beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)February 15, 2008

Mercy sakes I don't think I have ever seen it quite as "quiet" as it has been around here lately.

There is winter sowing and snow shoveling and seed catalog reading and being sick and having sick kids BUT... I'm wondering if half of the gals have gone into hibernation. Where is everyone?

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Beth, I'm here but stuck in my warm cocoon with all those lovely gardening books you sent. I've turned into a bookworm.


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strmywthr3(Central OH z5)

I'm trying to stay warm and get caught up with my reading. I've maxed out my reserve list at the library twice this winter!! lol

was it you that was looking for southern night tomato seeds? I grew it this year and have seeds saved if you'd like some.


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moonphase(z7 Ga)

Beth,I have wondered the same thing.It has been way to quite and boring.I'm wsing and reading a great new book-The Pillars of the earth.Saw the author on Oprah and had to get it,my kind of interest.I got my new mag today from back yard gardening,BUT to be honest..I am tired of looking at flowers,and wsing and..OMG did I say that..lol
weather is weird here spring one day in the 70s,next day in the 30s.Had snow 1 time this winter.My daffodils are blooming so spring will be here soon and I feel like I haven't rested from last year yet..stay warm

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Same here moonphase, the weather is very odd. Warm-Cold-Wet (but not wet enough) the flu has taken over the state!

Daffodils are just getting started and the forsythia too!

Scotch Brooms and early cherry and crabapples are beautiful around the neighborhood.... I am waiting (impatiently now) for spring!


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albertar(z7 LINY)

Hi Beth
I'm here, winter sowing here and there, playing computer games, watching all I can regarding the elections and the politicians. Other than that its just another cold NY day, :)

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

I just got back home from my 58 year old sister's house. I had been there for 10 days (in another state). She was supposed to get married Valentines Day, with me as the matron-of-hoor- but cancelled the wedding on the 12th. Some men are turkeys!!(not all-lol!!)Very rough emotional few days. Was so glad to arrive home and find 3 packets of seeds to play with. Thanks to my GW friends, for helping to brighten my mood!! Come on spring!!

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Moonphase, I just finished Pillars of the Earth and I am getting ready to read the second book...I really enjoyed his writing, and was very disappointed I missed him on Oprah...

I have found the site as a whole to be more quiet than normal...I hope it gets busier as spring approaches and everyone gets excited about growing again...

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I have been on a "local" seed safari! I do a lot of traveling throughout upstate NY for work. This month, if I have had extra time I try and find some local stores that sell seeds. So it keeps me away from the computer a lot on weekdays, but I have gotten quite a few nice seeds for the garden.

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Beth, I'm still here, just been slack:(((


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susandonb(NC 7)

Hey Beth and Fellow Garden Lovers,

I'm here, trying to finish up our greenhouse if the weather would cooperate! Working a few hours a week and since I have all my seeds ordered, I picked up my crocheting again. Making a daffodil throw for Spring. I started this last year with grand ideas to make a throw for each season. Daffodils for Spring, ??? for Summer, Autumn Leaves for Fall and Holly Leaves, berries and if I can find a pattern Cardinals for Winter.

What flower would be good for Summer?

Susan in Soggy NC

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

Susan-You will have to post your afgan.I did one for a friend some years ago that had pansies all over it.,turned out gorgeous.It was her pattern I used,wish I had of made a copy of it now.
I am wsing using a new method-well not method but order.One day,I plant all purple,then the next,all yellow,etc.Doing my reds tomorrow.I have over 200 done now and have lots more to do.I have to get in high gear now.It has poured rain all day,which was wonderful.I already have lots germinating but haven't took the time to list them yet.
flowers,are you signing up online to take the 10 week lessons on the other book Ophrah is doing?I haven't been able to find it yet.I guess I am going to have to order it on line.Did you like pillars?I am really enjoying it,have along way to go though,on page 271-so thats 700 more pages.I read pretty fast though.Actually,I'm reading 2.mossy creek.Don't know why I do that.lol

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Hello everyone.
It's great to hear from so many of you and you are doing some interesting things to keep busy. I've been knitting too and have not done that in years. It's relaxing and keeps me from snacking all evening.
the Ophra book sounds interesting. I have gone 10 years without watching TV but the past month I've even done some of that.
booberry, a seed safari sounds like a neat idea.
Tracy, I had forgotten about the books. Enjoy.

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Yes I enjoyed the book alot, and have the second one that follows the same story although it is like 200 years later..so it is the descendants..it is also 1,000 pages..LOL I read fast also...its a good thing or I would be in his books a long time...grin.

I didnt see anything about Oprah 10 week lesson, but would love to know about it if you find it...LOL I missed the show, and was bummed, I found out afterwards he was on.

I would also love to see the afghan it sounds really pretty..Susan..as for a summer flower..what about a sunflower, or Iris..I love hydrangea, but not sure how hard that would be...but good luck...

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Susan-Would love to see a picture of your daffodil throw. I crochet also but never in the summer months. I wish I knew how to knit but don't.


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moonphase(z7 Ga)

flowers,on the same day Ken Follett was on,which was amazing because she also showed footage of them having wine and their interview about the book and how he started it and then put it down for yrs,awesome author.Any who while he was there she talked of another book and the title is"A new earth-your lifes purpose.It starts March 3rd.Go to Ophrah.com.You have to have the book and sign up on her web site..She and the author will have 10 weeks of lessons.She said this book literally changed the way she looked at her own life and how it helped her.I have tried to find this book and the follow up of pillars,to no avail.I am going to order from amazon I guess,if I can not find them at the mall in the next largest city from me this week.

Shirley,I am one of those people that learn easily from books.I taught myself to crochet and knit.Got into making those concrete leaves over on garden junk and had alot of fun with those.I grow elephant ears just to make those in the fall.I love making things.Some,I get fanatical with like wsing and seed swapping..lol.I have got to also get my must have seeds ordered that I was unable to obtain in swaps.Got a couple of awesome plans for my gardens this year.

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purpleacres(Upper Northern California)

howdee there

I think everyone is hibernating. I did my acres edible swap I usually do each year and ended up with 48 people signed up and only 37 sent in mailers. Of corse it was a chore with the over 1400 seed packages sent in. It just was a tad annoying I made 11 extra goodies woops. Time to post a newbie SASE I guess

On a side note I have been crocheting a bit and reading as well.


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