Twas the Eve of October

boxofrox(z8 PNW)September 29, 2012

My garden just isn't ready for summer to be over, there are so many things yet to be enjoyed and I am more than willing to patiently put off the chore that is autumn.....Here are a few of the happs, thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

Double Delight and Chrysler Imperial

Some dahlias

Abraham Darby

Hydrangeas and Pieris


Lyda Rose


Honeysuckle and Clematis

Today's Bouquet

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seil zone 6b MI

Your photos are always a joy, Boxo! I love your dahlia collection. I have big pots of them here too. And I also like to leave my hydrangea blooms on and watch them change colors as they age through out the seasons. Mine are getting that deep burgundy color now as well.

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Awesome photographs,..i was stuck on the first just admiring the beauty of Double Delight,..sometimes there are no words to describe the beauty of blooms,..i wish there were star ratings we could give,..your blooms would get many awards.


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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

Thanks guys :-)

seil, I used to have a ton of dahlias but I seldom if ever dig and the years have wrought attrition :-(

Philip, I agree that DD is captivating. I've recently been experimenting with extremely fragrant floaters as gifts. Those DDs and the CIs and some AD's are destined for a large diameter floating vase that someone gave me. They are for a woman at my wife's work on Monday. I'll cut and put in water here and assemble there. I'll try to get a pic. DDs in particular are super fragrant and last really well once cut and floated.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Those Dahliahs look like they should be under water in a coral reef. So alien looking - but of course, so enchanting.

Hey, does your Chrysler Imperial have a nice smell? I have CI, Mr. Lincoln and Oklahoma. The other two have such an amazing fragrance!!! But Chrysler Imperial has none. I'm wondering if it needs more heat for that??

Your DD looks so beautiful; but your AD took my breath away!!
Thanks Boxo!

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

Love your DD. It's already my newest "wallpaper".
America is a real beauty too.
Thank you, for brightening my morning. with your lovely photos.

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Looking forward to seeing your floaters if you manage to capture the finished display before it leaves you,..its something i have never done but must have a go at,..i tend not to cut flowers for the house, woman in the house to present them to,..though the Church next door sometimes asks for flowers for the Altar,..i get a great feedback from that.


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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

Hi carol, how goes it up north ? That dahlia just lights up the bed and blooms prolifically. It's usually one of the stars of a bouquet. CI isn't exotic in it's fragrance like DD but when 'melded' with others, it's nice. I would agree that it's a notch or two below ML or O which both became too one dimensional for me (one cane wonders ;-)

inga, the camera just loves DD. Even my little point and shoot manages to capture her intricate beauty. She's like a woman who needs no make-up :-) As far as brightening your morning.....well gosh, what can I say but mission accomplished ?

Philip, I had no idea when I set out to build a garden that I would have such a generous bounty. Flowers and in particular roses were an afterthought. I just wanted to create a bit of a retreat. Most of the bouquets I do are gifts. Momma gets one for upstairs and one for downstairs every week and the rest go to others as gifts. There are few things that compare to making someone smile.......:-)

The floater thing started with dahlias and roses with stems that broke off too short. Then I just started experimenting. When you take a half dozen or so fragrant roses and float them, it just intensifies. Plus they seem to last longer once cut. Here's the flotation device for my next experiment.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Abe is looking really great! I also really like the honeysuckle; really nice colors on it!


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Things are going well here...we had some snow (gone now) so I cut all of my blooms and brought them inside. Wow!!! Lovely (must be 50). Not much scent though because I cut them when it was quite chilly out. Dang snow wasn't going to get them!! LOL


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Your garden must be Heaven! I love to open your posts! I just must plant more Dahlias in my garden next year. Mine just get so tall and floppy and they look so bad with ugly supports! But, they light up the garden and bouquets. I sure hope there will be a couple of more posts from your garden before season end. Lesley

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