Dwarf Alberta spruce trees

crazy4life(z7 NC)April 24, 2006

Hi folks,

We planted some Albertas 7 years ago...last year they started to turn brown and this year they are worse looking(sob).We're thinking mites are bugging them so been using Seven on them but they still look brown...they are in front of our houses foundation and porch.what other type of small and medium evergreen can we plant if we lose the Alberta's?Looking for low matinance ,full sun or shade(house is half sun/shade)a nice shape and pest free,any Ideas?

Thanks ):

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taxonomist(7b VA)

I have a hunch that your problem with the Albertas is your climate. These spruces are native to Alberta, Canada where it is cool/cold and moist. Here in central Virginia the climate is like yours...hot and mostly dry. I have found that Hick's Yew, a variety of Taxus media, to be a satisfactory substitute as long as it is wind-protected and assured of adequate drainage. Your local nusery can probably suggest several very good substitutes.
Good Luck!!!

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I agree with "taxonomist" about the climate factor - I'm only surprised they lasted 7 years. Every nursery here in my zone 7b/8a climate sells them, and they're doomed to a slow, miserable death from our heat & humidity.

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