sunshine_hsApril 1, 2008

Last Spring I did something silly - I cut down the daffodil leaves after the flowers bloomed but while the leaves were still green. I didn't realize that this would cause them not to flower this year. Will they ever flower again - or are they done for? If so - I will dig them up and replace in the Fall.

Thanks so much!


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Oophs. You might want to turn under some bone meal in the soil for the bulbs you cut back. I know they look kind of ugly when they are dying back, but that's where they get their energy from to produce in the years to come.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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Will they ever flower again? Yes, they will. They should be sending up foliage this year. Leave that in place so that they gather some energy this year and they should bloom fine next year.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

esh is correct. As long as they came up this year and put out foliage, they'll bloom in the future. Our local radio garden guru recommends giving bulbs a shot of bulb food or bone meal in the fall about the time you would normally be planting new bulbs and then again as they begin to emerge in January or so. I tried it this year and had the loveliest daffodils ever. I know they'll bloom if you don't fertilize, but since yours have had a hard year, they might appreciate the boost next year.

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Heather, The foliage does get ratty, so have you considered planting something with them. That's what alot of gardeners do. I've planted daylillies, and once the daffs start to wither, the daylillies should be big enough to hide them a good bit. You could also plant any other annual or perennial that should be big enough to hide the dying foliage. Look around your area this spring (now) and see what other folks have come up with. You can even put other (summer-blooming) bulbs in with them.

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If they're in the lawn you can gently braid the leaves after they've become floppy--so that you can mow around them.

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