floweing vine for shade...any ideas?

topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)April 30, 2005

I'm sure this has been asked before, but does anyone have a suggestion for a vine to grow in heavy shade? I have a courtyard with a pretty trellis, but I can't think what to plant on it. Last year I tryed passion vine, but it only had one flower. I wouldn't mind having to bring it in for the winter. I would appreciate any input. Thanks, Topsie

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Silver lace vine...
Or perle d'azure clematis...

And I have planted a climbing hydrangea in a pretty shady spot. The jury is still out on that one.

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You could try sweet autumn clematis - my mother has it planted in pretty deep shade under a pecan tree. It blooms for her every August. You could try codonopsis - not sure it will take shade that heavy, but the seeds are certainly cheap enough to try. You might try goldflame honeysuckle, but I think it needs filtered shade so you might not have enough light for it. Akebia would probably do ok in that much shade, but be prepared that it wants to take over the world. It might have too much weight for your trellis.

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I've had great luck with climbing hydrangia in the shade. It starts out slowly, but with some good feeding, will grow and bloom nicely.

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I forget the botanical name, but the vine is called Dutchman's Pipe. It has heart-shaped green leaves and yellowish flowers that resemble a pipe.

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