Best Soil conditions for Hostas

sunnybunny(Z8Northwest)October 11, 2004

Hello shade plant growers, this is a new area for me and I am excited to find out that there are so many cool plants that grow in the shade. I have an area under a cedar tree that has thick soil with a smaller area next to a north exposure side of a fence. It is all in "bright shade" Eastern light comes in a bit and then a bit if afternoon sun. I have hostas growing in pots that were given to me that have thrived in spite of my neglect and I had to buy a hosta called "guacamole," just because of the color and the name. What soil conditions do hostas like in the ground? Would outside the cedar tree be okay? Especially if I amend the soil? Do they do okay in acidic soil? Western garden book says just rich organic etc...Thank you SB

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

It sounds like your hostas would thrive in that position.... hostas like part to full shade..... not full sun..... they flower best in part shade...... Don't put it in the hottest areas near your yard i.e. near a gravel driveway or near the reflection of a white fence..... Hostas like moist average to rich soil..... they are not really that finicky provided they don't suffered drought.... have some nurtients and receive shade.... water if there is a real dry spell...... I'm not sure how they do in boggy conditions.... probably not terrific..... They do fine in acidic soil..... Amending the soil is a good idea..... Under the cedar tree is fine so long as there in spots without too much root competition.... Enjoy...... :)

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