japanese toad lily planting

gaoyuqingOctober 16, 2009

got some today (since last ones compy sent failed to do anything) and as i've planted these before in numerous locations with no success, I'd like some advice. how deep do you plants the roots for starters. I've planted them in shade, semi shade, loamy soil,dryer soil, under a pine tree so a bit more acidic soil, and so on. any help would be appreciated before i put these into the ground for the winter.

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ladywindsurfer(Z7 SE)

Which species/cultivar did you receive?
Tricyrtis hirta and it's many cultivars are the most common ones in cultivation and one of the most hardy.

They prefer a humus-rich, fertile, well-drained, but moisture-retentive, acid or neutral, light sandy loam in partial shade. Prefers the dappled shade of a woodland garden, but tolerates full sun if the soil is reliably moist throughout the growing season, flowering earlier in such a location. Plants also require a sunnier location in the northern parts of the country. This species is hardy to about Zones 5-6, but if prolonged cold weather is not accompanied by snow cover, the plants would appreciate a good mulch of organic matter. Plants are very susceptible to attacks by slugs, their only garden nemesis.

Roots should be planted, so that the top of the crown is about level with or up to one-inch below soil surface.

They are self-fertile and seed all about the area.
In addition, they rapidly develop new flowering stems from root expansion.

A warm spell, near the end of winter, will trigger new foliage growth, which must be protected from subsequent freezing, sub-freezing temperatures or the plant could be lost.
Good luck!

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