Shredded Umbrella Plant

greenthumbon1handOctober 21, 2013


I was wondering if anyone knows if shredded umbrella plant goes dormant in the summer. I'm look for a perennial for shade with large leaves (other than a hosta) that doesn't go dormant in the summer.



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I don't think many perennials go dormant in summer...did you mean winter? Ephemerals go dormant in summer.
Ligularia is a good large leaved plant for shade. there is one called 'Chinese Dragon' that has very large serrated leaves and huge stems over 5 feet with yellow flowers. Rhodea has fairly large leaves and is evergreen. Acanthus mollis is another one. Hellebores have fairly large leaves. what zone are you in?

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Good list above but the shredded umbrella plant, Syneilesis aconitifolia, will work as summer dormancy :-) I would also add Rodgersia to the list and Astilboides.

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lol I didn't know she was referring to Syneilesis.

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Thanks for the replies! Good to know that it doesn't go dormant :)

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