Gardenias ... yellow leaves ( ad nauseum )

jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)May 24, 2006

I put down the cornmeal, and have applied the Epsom salts. How long should I wait for the next treatment...acid fertilizer or chelated iron?!?

I just transplanted 4 weeks ago from an afternoon sun location to a part-shaded area, so before I'm chastised about transplant shock...I'm already aware but I was having problems prior to the move (probably the full sun thing), which is what spurned the transplant on.

Anyway, I'm not a gardener, per se, and I'm new to Gardenias (but have heard all the horror stories), but since I've been reading about all these home remedies I thought I'd give these tips a try. Since they're newly transplanted I haven't fertilized, but when should they be?

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flowermum(South Z7)

I have two gardenias and when I notice them yellowing I sprinkle some of the Bayer's Azalea, Camellia & Rhododendron Fast Acting pellets onto them. I just sprinkle around the drip line and water, and this vanquishes any yellowing within two or three days.

I also use this for my vincas when they start yellowing.

I apply this whenever I see them yellowing; I assume my soil is void of the nutrients it needs and I use it on an as-needed-basis.

I hope this was helpful
: )

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

Okay flowermum, I'll try that. Thanks.

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I use Miracle Grow EVERGREEN plant food. 3 days in a row then wait for 2 weeks then more for 3 days. Keep following that routine until the leaves get greener. You should see the leaves turn green within the first days of doing this.

** MIX The Miracle Grow powder with WATER as per the instructions for proper mixing. SORRY I had to add the MIX WITH WATER comment I actually gave a friend that same advice, but didn't think I needed to say MIX WITH WATER; she threw the concentrated powder on her plants..(No Kidding)

Also, check the leaves for aphids...Make sure your pets are not going on it. Sometimes the leaves turn yellow because of too much water.. The Miracle Grow Evergreen food should make your Gardenia happy.

I tried Miracle Grow Evergreen food on my Gardenia for the first time in Early Spring..I have never used this product before. My Gardenia has so many blooms right now the branches are drooping from the weight. This stuff WORKS...

Maybe you are trying too many things to fix the plant...My Gardenia seems to do better the less I do for it...Maybe you should wash the ground with fresh water before you try the Miracle grow. Try to rinse away all the stuff you put on it.

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

Thanks scandia. I didn't know if I could expect the yellowing to continue because of transplant shock, or other causes. The yellowing seems to be subsiding and there's a lot of new growth up top, so maybe this is gonna work.

Will that Miracle Grow Evergreen work for Camillias, etc too? I'd like to get something that works for several plants, if possible. If not, no big deal.

Can I expect the Gardenias to not bloom this year, and possibly next because of transplanting?

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the_virginian(Zone 7 NoVA)

Is Miracle Gro Miracid the same stuff? It says it is for evergreens. I have some yellowing leaves on the lower parts of my gardenia. What else could help?

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

I bought some 8-10-8 that said Rhodo's, Azaleas and something else. All the major suppliers have their version of this type of mix and labeled fairly similar.

Anyway, I sprinkled a little around the dripline about 2 weeks ago and there are blooms everywhere...on all three Gardenias. So, skip my last question. :)

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gardnpondr(Zone 8)

I use ironite on mine when they start turning yellow and they get soooooooo pretty and dark green. Mine are large bushes now. In fact I just bought some to put on them the other day because they are yallow again. I have to do it quite often. I buy the liquid kind and mix it with water.

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

Heard so many bad things about Ironite I'm kinda nervous about using it. Anyway, my Gardenias have sprung to life and are blooming all over the place. Of course, the rain we're getting is helping a great deal.

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i had 3 plants and over the winter 2 plants died I have 1 plant left what would u do the leavesjust dryed up and the branches dryed ang died

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