Names of plants with animal names for shade.... i.e. toady lily??

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)October 9, 2004

Hi I'd like some more plants (for shade ) with animal names for a particular spot for my garden.... so far I have

arunucs (goatsbeard)

chelone (turtlehead)

tryctis toad lily

and foxglove...... and maybe cardinal flower..... how do lovelias do in shade?????

Thanks and any other suggestions welcome...... :)

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Well, I had planned on saying foxglove, but I see you already have it. :)

Hmm, I know lilies sometimes do well in shade - do tiger lilies do well in shade?

Well, I'm stumped...


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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

Well I came up with a few of my own.... I googled...... :)
Matteuccia struthiopteris (ostrich fern)
Aquilegia, Song bird Columbine
Chelone, Snakehead, turtle head
Eupatorium rugosum, White Snakeroot
Monarda, Beebalm, Horsemint
bergenia (pigsqueaks)
lilum tiger lily
Ligularia, Leopard plant
Tricyrtis hirta, Toad lily
Tradescantia, Spiderwort
Prenanthes alba (rattlesnake root)
Ligularia (leopard plant)
Viola pedata, Bird-foot Violet
Lysimachia clethroides, Gooseneck loosestrife
Asplenium ebenoides (dragon fern)
Cimicifuga ramosa (snakeroot)

Any others?????? :)

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Blue lobelia is fine is shade, cardinal flower needs about 4 hours sun to make a good bloom. There is also rattlesnake plantain (Goodyera pubescens), and rattlesnake fern (Botrychium virginianum). All very nice native plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Goodyera pubescens

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

Vary nice that rattlesnake plantain but its in the orchid family..... Does that mean it would be hard to grow???? I've noticed alot of orchids or orchid family members native to my area but have stayed away from assuming they would be hard to grow...... hard to find and prohibitively expensive..... any info???? :)

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Barbaraga(GA 7a)

Spider lilies are beautiful natives (Hymenocallis caroliniana) and do well in quite a bit of shade.

Some trilliums are known as wakerobins and others are known as toadshades.

Cat's whiskers and Spider flower are very similar annuals that take quite a bit of shade.

Cat briar is a type of sawbriar that grows in shade, but I doubt you want it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spider lily

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Trout lily aka Dogtooth violet(2 in one!)
Cat Briar
Cat mint or catnip
Daisy Fleabane
Possum Haw
Wake Robin trillium
butterfly weed
I'll think of hundreds tonight when I'm trying to sleep

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Cow Slobber (Tradescantia) is my all time favorite common name.
Deer fern, (Blechnum spicant)
False Unicorn. (Chamaelirium luteum) yikes! another orchid.

And what about Primula veris cowslip primrose?

Orchids range from very easy to very challenging depending on the species and conditions you are able to provide for them. Most like the ever elusive "moist but well drained soil" rattlesnake plantain included. It also likes slightly acidic (5.6 - 6.0) soil.

They are worth the trouble and if happy spread nicely.

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Oh... forgot to ask... do dogwoods count?

Cornus canadensis is one of my all time favorites but alas the common name is bunchberry.

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