commercial leftover swap?

jaynineFebruary 16, 2010

I'm posting here in case my email hasn't gotten through to last year's hostess. Does anyone know if there will be a commercial leftover swap this year?

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Maybe if the previous hostess is not available, someone else will take it on. I have been watching for it too.

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Morning Ladies!

I did a seeds swap last year and it was great, tons of new things for all involved!

I would be happy to host another as I'm home from work for at least the next 6 months but wouldn't want to step on the toes of last years hostess.

I have a ton of commercial leftovers from 08.09 and 10! I have winter sown what I'll be sowing and the rest will sit until I see a post for a swap or do one of my own. I have full trades down to 8 or 10 seeds in some packets.

Drop me a line and let me know if your interested and I'll put it together and pray that last years hostess won't be upset or maybe wait a few more days to see if she shows up for another this year.


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sapphires3(6 PA)

I am interested in this sort of SWAP as well - I have things from 09, as well as the fact that I went overboard this year as we have planned to expand the variety in our garden this year, and I can't possible use the full packets of everything!

So, from me, it would mostly be half packs.

I was going to post a trade list, but this sounds like more fun. I look forward to details!

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flwers4ever hosted the previous two years. I have copied her instructions from last year and pasted them below to give you an idea of how she ran the swap.
If Kim does not have time this year and ishareflowers will take on the task, I would love to join.
I say go for it-but go for it soon because sowing season will soon be over for many folks.

This swap is for COMMERCIAL SEEDS ONLY, and the packs must be seeds from 2008 or 2009 season ONLY !!
Since this is commercial seeds only, you will get a small amount of seeds, but it will allow you to try some of the newer varieties of seeds.

DO NOT send the 10 cent pack of seeds from Walmart or 25 cent packs from the dollar general. We want this to be a fair swap, and most people will be sending in seeds that arent very common.... and are a bit expensive.

NO MORE then 2 packs of the same seed ex. 2 packs of green envy zinnia, 2 packs of peppermint stick zinnia...etc

DO NOT post what you are sending.....just pack them up and send them to me, they will be sorted, and remailed out..this is a "surprise" swap !!

DO TELL me if you are interested in herbs, veggies, or flowers. (any combination of them)

I'd like to have the mailing date March 1st, so that we can still have time to sow the seeds. ( last season we were later)

I would prefer the seeds be sent in the original package, but if it is neccessary to put them in a new envie, they must have name of seed, year, and company they are from...and any growing info you can share !!

PLEASE email me if you have any questions !

( There is no minimum on the number of packs you can send)

Thanks, and I hope you will decide to join !!(sign ups will be till Feb 15th)

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