Lilies for shade?????

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)October 10, 2004

Has anyone tried growing lilies (lilium) in shade???? Which ones work best for you?????

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I grow asiatic lilies in the shade of black walnut trees-so they do get some dappled sun ,but for the most part pretty shady through out the day. They have done really well. Looked great this summer and their blooms lasted a good long time.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Asiatic, LA Hybrid and I have a stargazer at I am trying out it has been two yearsand so far they are all doing good.

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Same here. But this was my 1st year and I planted the bulbs. They get 2 hours of sun and the rest all shade.

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perennial_woman(z8 AZ)

I have lilies (lilium) in full shade under mature maple trees. I think they take a little longer to get established, and they bloom a little later, but otherwise are fine. I believe I have both Asiatic and Oriental, although I would be hard pressed to explain the difference. (Can anyone explain?)

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marquest(z5 PA)

Orientals usually bloom Late july-aug. and are fragrant. Most Asiatics bloom late may to June and are not fragrant.

The leaf structure are different on Asiatic than the Orientals.

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Barbaraga(GA 7a)

My woodland garden sees very little sun, and I haven't had any success with asiatic or oriental lilies, but tiger lilies bloom (though they lean toward the sun), and red surprise lilies do great even in pretty heavy shade.

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

The native lilies - superbum et al do well.

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My asiatic ones did well for the first two springs I have been here (they came with the house, so I don't know how old they were. I do have to stake them, though. The tiger lilies did better, not so leggy.

Mine get 2 hours of direct sun, then bright shade for the rest (they are up against the house. I think they will do better under deciduous trees, so that the ground gets warmed in the spring.

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I have a huge pine and would love to have some lilies around it. What type of lily grows under pine trees in acidic soil with lots of shade? Is there such a flower?
I would like them to grow tall around 24" - 36". If not a lily, is there any other type of flower?

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What about something more exotic and unusual like toad lilies? There is a variegated variety with white and green leaves. I planted mine in clusters.

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I have toad lilies and they do GREAT! mine are purple with white dots. They bloom in the fall. I have day lilies in shade and tiger lilies in a part of my woodland garden that gets morning sun. They all bloom. My resurection lilies also do well.

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Stargazer lilies do great in part-shade here (OK).

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I thought that day lilies and asiatic lilies needed full sun. I would love to pop some color into my shade area, but it is pretty heavy shade. Do any of you that put these in shade areas have this amount of shade too?

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gracie01(z5 IL)

My Stella d'oros do great in shade.

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Martagon lilies prefer to grow in a shady spot. I was interested in reading about the toad lilies; I just bought a couple today to try them. I think I heard that they prefer an acidic soil; is this true. I'm on prairie clay; definately not acidic! Anyway, will give them a try.

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