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trailrunnerbikerMay 30, 2008

I am in Central Al. I bought 6 dasiy gardenias and planted 3 in full shade and 3 in afternoon sun. The 3 in full shade have not had a yellow leaf and 6 ft away the other 3 have hardly any green leaves . I am completely stumped. I have tried the Epsom Salt thing poured over the plants as well as putting it around the base. Also the blossoms have all turned yellow even unopened ones. I hate the way they look and am about to rip them out.

Any suggesitons would be appreciated. I have great big old regular gardenias in full shade and have never had a minutes trouble with them. They bloom and bloom and are beautiful. Thank you in advance . Caroline

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Gardenias can be persnickety. They typically need shade at least in the afternoon, although you will occasionally see an old one growing in full sun. (Go figure.) They do not like competition from tree roots. This will make those leaves yellow up very fast. They do like rich, fertile soil and a steady level of moisture (not wet, mind you). Chances are, the problem with the three that are not thriving is they are not liking that afternoon soon. I'd advise you to move them. My best ones grow on the north side of my house. All gardenia blooms turn yellow as they age. Pull them off. If you think they need fertilizer, try giving them a cup of Holly Tone.

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