Lg. Trees for shade garden

luchiaan(5a)December 31, 2007

Need help selecting trees. I'm starting from scratch with an approx 60' X 75' open area, gently sloped from north to south. Current southern border is 4 Austrian pine (7' tall). One Autumn Blaze Maple (15') on eastern edge, one Yoshino Cherry (10') in NW corner. I'm looking for 2 lg. trees that -paired with smaller trees/lg shrubs- will provide good shade for a cool woodland atmosphere. Three sides (E,W,S) will be planted with either hedge, evergreen or latticed pergola walkway w/wisteria to keep down wind and winter damage. North edge is partially blocked by a building. Considered oak, but don't want acorns. Considered Sugar maple, but want to underplant. Already had bad experience with Ash and high winds. Any good lg. tree ideas for creating semi-dense shade with 10' space underneath in 20yrs or so? I'm willing to wait if it's the right tree. Thanks!

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

If you don't like acorns, I presume you would not want hickory, beech or any other nut tree, although you are going to havea lot of pine cones and sammaras from the maple. There are some trees that are dioaceous (sp?). Find a male of the species and you won't get any fruit or nut production

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Check the Sourwood, Oxydendrum arboreum
Small tree, when compared to some Oaks and Maples, but has outstanding fall color and spring flowers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sourwood Tree

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