All about Cat Whiskers?

ElizabethO(8b/9a SE TX)May 15, 2005

I have wanted to try this plant for several years.

What would be the best location for it? Full Sun, and what is the ultimate size of the plant.

Will is come back from root after a winter freeze?

Thank you.

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ccl38(8A Savannah, GA)

I have had this two differen times and it has not been winter hardy for me.

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Cat's Whiskers is one of my favorite annuals. On rare occassions when planted in a very protected spot it may survive a mild winter. From experience it grows best in high dappled shade or morning sun, afternoon shade. Every fall I root enough for the next year in a glass of water. Very often it will grow roots in a week or less using this method and will remain happily in water for about two months. Then I pot the cuttings, set them in an east window until planting time. Grows about 36" tall in rich soil. Slow to grow to blooming stage. Give it plenty of time to mature. Keep deadheading and pinching.

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ElizabethO(8b/9a SE TX)

Thank you ccl38 and Nandina. I guess it's good new bad news.

If I'm very careful I might save it through a mild winter, but it is an annual (which I did not know). But I can take cuttings which I like. I might even take cuttings over the summer anyway to multiply my plants.

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