Cutleaf Lilac

petra_gwMay 2, 2005

Has anyone here tried this variety?

"The Lilac for the South"

According to Mike Schnelle, horticulturist at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, the cutleaf lilac (Syringa laciniata) is unfortunately underutilized in the South, where it performs exceptionally well. This species thrives in high temperatures; it is suited to Hardiness Zone 8 (as well as all cooler zones up through 4), and should be given full sun. Powdery mildew is less of a problem for the cutleaf lilac than for many other lilac species.

Reference: Mike Schnelle, "Syringa laciniata: Heat-Tolerant Cutleaf is the Lilac for the South," Nursery Management & Production 16 (3), March 2000, 14. (Branch-Smith Publishing, 120 St. Louis Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76104.)

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Have one that I rescued from a friend's compost heap about 35 years ago and it's still growing stong, despite some trials and tribulations. First was planted in the sun and then became fully shaded by a growing Magnolia grandiflora and bent over to an oblique angle, trying to reach the sunlight. No blooms of course. Moved to a location near the property line about 17 years ago. Some 10 years later, the neighbor, a grass & evergreen necklace "gardener", thinking it was a dreaded privet, cut it almost to the ground. It recovered rapidly and blooms every spring. Flowers aren't as showy as some of the species/cultivars that are available, but it does withstand our hot, humid summers. As your post mentioned, have never had a mildew problem.

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ElizabethO(8b/9a SE TX)

So are you going to get one?

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RB, are the flowers fragrant?

Elizabeth, I don't know if we are going to get one. They seem to be hard to find.

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