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aukumar(7)May 8, 2012

I had planted a dozen Thuja Green Giants 3yrs ago along the property border line in urban setting thinking they would be elegant screening for my backyard. They sustained two winters and one summer (2010). They hardly grew 2ft. But last summer (2011) they all perished due the the N Texas heat. I do not want to take chances again with these trees.

From my backyard, I can see the interstate freeway traffic. I am considering Nellie R Stevens holly for screening and want them to be at least 8ft tall in 2 yrs. I may need to plant them in a row along the fence 85ft long. I guess I need at least 9 such trees. Can someone from the forum suggest the best time to plant them and where I can buy them (at least 4 ft tall) in N TX area?

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I would post this question in the Texas forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Texas

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Thanks to all for the valuable contributions and suggestions. I much appreciate that.
Japanese Ligustrum looks highly invasive. I have these next to the A/C unit. This may be a promising one.
Mackel, I did not quite understand the monoculture. Are you suggesting to have different species of screening plants? When mature, the screen would look odd, I believe. I will try to post some pics of the landscape soon.
In Richardson and Flowermound, I have seen Red Tip Phutonia in hedges about 15ft tall. Thats promising, but looks are bland. I feel Nellie (Illex) Holly is better than RTP.
On the same note, Rhus virens (Sumac) looks more like a tree. I aint sure if we can prune and train it to be a screening shrub of 12-15ft tall. I guess the mature height for Sumac is only 8ft. Pl advise.
Can you pl suggest nurseries which sells these shrubs/ small trees on retail at best prices? I need to screen a fence line for a length of about 80Ft. I am at cross-roads.
Thanks to all of you for valuable inputs.

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