Delphiniums in the South?

futurenurse(z9 FL)May 9, 2005

Hi~ I currently live in Oregon, but plan on moving to Florida when I'm through with nursing school (can't wait!). I love delphiniums, and enjoy growing many varieties here in Oregon. I recently caught a "Gardening by the Yard" episode on HGTV where a question was raised about a hybrid of delphinium develped in New Zealand that will tolerate hot humid climates. The question is below.

Does anyone know the scientific or common name...I'd like to see if I could get some seed started and experiment...

Thanks! Any info appreciated !


Q: Can gardeners in the South grow delphiniums?

A. Until recently, I would have said "no way." But recently growers in New Zealand introduced a new delphinium hybrid that can handle the heat and high humidity of the South. This plant requires the same growing conditions as other delphiniums--moist, well-drained soil and, especially in the South, no more than two to three hours of morning sun followed by shade the rest of the day.

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My sister lives in Pensacola and has Delphiniums growing in her yard. Dont know the hybrid and she doesnt either. I was down a couple of weeks ago and they were growing gang busters.
Hope this helps a little.

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I grow them as annuals- have done this for the past 4 years. I adore them, and would love to get my hands on some of those hybrids. I'm in Jacksonville, which is probably little hotter than Pensacola. Depending on where you are in the state you may have trouble. It might be that thye have to be in just the right spot. Good luck, and if you find any of those hybrids (and they aren't $30) let me know!


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gurley157fs(zone 7/8sc)

I've grown them in previous gardens (I'm establishing a new one in a new yard now) and was successful. Sorry I can't tell you the variety but the key to success for me was a sheltered area next to the house, no direct sun, and plenty of circulation.

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futurenurse(z9 FL)


Thanks for the info...cracks me up that they are annuals down there! They generate about 3-4 rotations of blooms per summer here. What varieties do you grow there? I have Connecticut Yankees, Blue Butterfly, Pacific Giants, Fantasia, White Galahad, and Magic Fountains Cherry Blossoms. The reason I'm asking is that I save seeds like crazy---do any of you grow these varieties in the south?

I will continue to look for that variety of delphinium now that I am off for the summer. Probably will need to send a letter to the show and hope for a response...can't find the info on any New Zealand websites.



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Larkspurs are generally the replacement for Delphiniums in the hot/humid south.

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The hybrid seems to be the Delphinium elatum 'New Millennium' developed by Dowdeswell Nurseries in New Zealand. I found this link. But if you do a google search, it looks like you can get the seed in the US now, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Millenium delphinium

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terry7321(z8 SC)

'New Millennium' delphiniums, developed by Dowdeswell Nurseries in New Zealand are offered for sale by Graceful Gardens in NY. Search google for website and info; I'd be interested in trying to grow some, as I love a good challenge.

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Kristi_TX(9a TX)

I am skeptical. This link on the Dowdeswell website says that the New Millenium delphiniums are not suitable for the southern part of the US.

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How disappointing! I didn't see that. Here are a few notes though on people who grew them in the real heat and the measures to take:

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futurenurse(z9 FL)


Great news! Thanks so much for supplying this info...I'm keeping this thread in my "Florida Garden" file. Can't someone else suggested perhaps a cool shady spot might be lucky...Doesn't cost much to try to grow them (starting from seed)...even as an annual.

Thanks everyone! I was going nuts trying to find the name of this variety!! LOL


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You may be referring to Delphinium Zalil. You can get the seeds from T&M. It only comes in yellow. So I'd rather grow the beautiful blues and pinks as annuals.

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will_work_for_roses(z7 NC)

I bought the New Millenium delphs from Green Mountain Transplants. About 60 cents each. In zone 7 I planted several regulation types and had 2 come back this year and bloom. I bought a bunch of the transplants and planted them in about 5 different locations in the yard, hoping that at least one of the spots will be to their liking.

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futurenurse(z9 FL)

Hi Will Work For Roses~

Have you ever tried planting delphs by seed. They are hard to get started, but using the baggie method (search Garden web for "baggie method" I usually get 5-10 to grow, and it costs less than $5.


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will walk for roses,
How do I find green mountain transplant site to order some?


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Im in fla., i grow them each year, just let the temps go down in late oct. and they will be up in 15 days. Then a month later put out in the garden, most will bloom , my favorite is pacifics, good luck.

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will_work_for_roses(z7 NC)

the web site is

you can look them up on watchdog, they had a rough year the summer before last because they moved in the spring. so there were lots of unhappy people. I ordered this year and they were fine, but customer service is not their forte. Hard to reach by phone. But the delphs were a good size, a good price, and have started to bloom for me now.

The test will be how many come back next year. Out of 4 I planted last year, 2 came back and one has been blooming like gangbusters. It's in a spot with some shade and soil that doesn't dry out. so maybe that's the secret in this zone.

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