help with Aucuba plant

grdn-newbieMay 4, 2010

I have an Aucuba plant on the side of my house that looks lovely, except it is leaning over as though the stalks are too heavy. I planted it in the corner where it only gets morning sun on half of the plant, hoping it would add color as it grew taller. It is like it wants to stretch out into the sun.(?) Should I just prune it back some or move it where the entire plant would be exposed to some sun? Is there a time when pruning or moving is best?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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If you suspect that it is reaching due to sun then pruning won't help it. In that case move it.

Otherwise, you could stake it for a while and see if it learns to stay in that place.

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I vote for staking it, or letting it harden up on it's own. Especially if it's new growth. Worst case you can prune it out later. I want to add that the best way to prune Aucuba is to treat it like a cane growing plant, like nandina, and cut out a portion of the tall canes at ground level every year. This creates new growth, and different layers of growth. If you top prune, like you would a hedge, you end up with a tall leggy plant, with a lot of top growth, and not full looking.


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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Morning sun should be an ideal light condition for Aucuba. I would stake it.

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