Anybody know how to root 'Million Bells?'

katiecrosby(8a/almost/bSC)May 16, 2005

Can anybody tell me how to root Million Bells? I haven't had any luck so far!!

Any help would be appreciated!


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It would be helpful if you told us the methods you have already tried. This is a plant that is only produced by cuttings, by the way, so let's figure out what you are doing wrong.

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I tried sticking 2-3 inch cuttings in potting soil and just covering them with a cut-off soda bottle (like I do my lantana), and i tried putting them in water (like I do with Pothos and Wandering Jew). In both cases, they just wilted and died. BTW, I am real novice at this gardening thing, only having done it for 3 seasons. I guess there is a more precise method with these lovely little plants. Yes, please tell me! Thanks, rhizo_1!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Attached is a link regarding the rooting of Calibrachoa (Million Bells). It's geared for commercial growers, I believe that you could take cuttings any time if you remove and keep pinching any flowers from the stems.

After you gently insert your cuttings into the pre-made hole, be sure to water it in well to insure water-to-tissue contact. I never cover my cuttings. Leave in a bright but not sunny location and keep the soil fairly moist during the rooting process. Of course, your potting medium must be very well draining.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

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Thanks a "MILLION," Dorie! I can't wait to start tomorrow, as I have the morning off and expect mild and pleasant weather. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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Dieter2NC(z7b NC)

I cant keep mine from suckering up. Patience will provide a great many new shrubs.

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My neighbor planted some last year, and not only did they survive the winter, they are spreading all over the place. Beautiful ground cover.


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Shiann(Lower Alabama)

I had some in hanging baskets that were about to bust free - I just took a machete & chopped the root sections into smaller parts & they seem to be doing fine. Seems that you need a small section of root to get them off to a good start. (But you should have seen the look on the cops face as he drove by & saw me hacking away at something with that machete - the pot was just out of his view... hehehe!!)

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I take it from these posts that you can overwinter Million Bells??? That's great news! They have some beautiful hanging baskets of these at a nursery in Montgomery that I wanted to buy but I don't want to waste money on flowers that are going to just go away like my petunias have every year.

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Can these overwinter in the greenhouse or basement?

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What are the leaves like on this plant. I bought a hanging basket and am trying to figure out what it is. The flower looks very much like the Million Bells pics but the leaves are more like purslane.

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