how to help a transplanted dogwood

lecorbeau(7b)May 4, 2011

We moved a small dogwood this spring just before it broke dormancy. The leaves started coming out soon after, but then it stopped. The leaves are still very small, but green. Some of the branches have no leaves at the tips. Is there anything I can do to help this tree survive?



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My advice would be to basically leave it alone. Whenever you have to move something (I do it more than I wish I did) the plant will suffer some "transplant shock" -- this is inevitable. The fact that it made leaves and then stopped, tells me that was all it could do at that time. I would mulch around it well, and keep it watered if it doesn't rain, but don't overwater it. I hope it gets some shade because that is what it likes. I think it will be ok.

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Dear k,
I agree with louisianagal that the best thing to do is leave it alone and hope for the best. Keep it watered, but don't drown it. Spring comes early in Zone 7B; therefore, it's a good idea to transplant most woody ornamentals after the first killing frost, which ensures their dormancy, and before early February, when they are beginning to awaken from dormancy. Exceptions to that rule of thumb are palms, cycads, gardenias, and many other marginally hardy semi-tropicals. They seem to fare better when transplanted during active growth.

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I agree, leave it alone - it will probably bounce back next year. Dogwoods like a slightly acid environment - give it some Hollytone and top dress it with some peat moss. All transplanted plant material needs to get sufficient water until the root system restablishes but, as the first poster said, don't overwater it....once a week deep watering during the heat should be enough.

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