Yellowing Elephant Ear

DLedfordMay 19, 2012


I am posting on behalf of my mom who is learning the ropes of forums. She is having trouble with her elephant ear plant yellowing. We found some discussion posts on elephant ears, but they didn't really answer her question. She recently moved a potted elephant ear plant from inside to outside. The weather is consistent in temperature right now for central Texas (low to mid 60sF at night, 70s-80s during day). The plant has had partial sun, mostly shade, and is watered once a day with good drainage. Planted in miracle grow potting soil with a light fertilization when moved outdoors. Once she moved it outdoors though, the leaves started yellowing within 2 weeks and she can't seem to get it to stop. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

It may be due to the light differences. Even tho not in full sun there is a difference between indoor and outdoor no matter how shady.

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