Magnolia grandiflora: id of cultivar

subtropixMay 17, 2008

I'm posting on this site because I thought more people would be familiar with cultivars of Magnolia grandiflora. (My collection includes the following cultivars: Majestic Beauty, Greenback, Little Gem, Victoria and Bracken's Brown.) Last year, I purchased a tree labeled as Victoria from a nursery. The leaves are somewhat smaller than the species and there is only a bit of brown pubescence on the undersides of the leaves. Well, this year, I purchased another plant labeled as Victoria from the same nursery. Only this plant is really somewhat different in appearance. It has much more cinnamon pubescence, is more tight and compact growing, leaves somewhat rounded in appearance, reddish leaf buds, leaf size also somewhat smaller than the species. So which sounds like a Victoria, and what might the other plant be. Reason it matters is that Victoria is supposed to be somewhat more dwarf (I know size is relative when it comes to grandiflora), but I am afraid one of this guys is a giant in disguise. The one I purchased in 2007 was planted in the front lawn, and I didn't want a really large culitvar there. Can "culivars" of grandiflora really look so different from each other?? Thanks in advance for you help. Happy gardening!

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i would post this question on the "trees" forum. there are some professionals who visit that one regularly that should be able to answer this and it gets a lot more traffic than this forum.
good luck with your inquiry.

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