Ideas for Grassless Back Yard??

IrishserraJune 24, 2011

After living in this home for three years, it's time to do something with the back yard! I've got two children and two dogs and would love some advice!

Our back yard is a very good size; however, as it is full of oak trees, gets very little sunlight and has no grass!

I've been told that the acorns and oak leaves make the ground too acidic for grass, and after attempting to make the ground less acidic and grow grass, I give up.

Our dogs come in filthy with the red clay all over them and loaded with flees and ticks after two minutes outside! We go out to start raking leaves and within minutes we are covered in mosquito bites! Ugh! I want a back yard and want to know if there is some sort of classy alternative that will allow for the raking up of all the leaves and acorns and also still allow the dogs to do their business!

What would you do in this situation?

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buford(7 NE GA)

It's not the acidicy, it's the shade. What types of grass have you tried? Bermuda will only grow in sun and will not grow under trees. You can try fescue or another shade tolerant grass. Or you can grow clover or ivy (especially under the trees) If you have bare clay, you are probably better off sodding rather than trying seed and you would probably want to truck in some topsoil before putting down the sod.

As for the mosquitoes, you can try a garlic spray. It will get rid of the mosquitoes without killing all the good bugs. Also, make sure to get rid of any standing water that can breed mosquitoes.

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