How to see all new postings since last visit

mailbox0600April 8, 2014

Many forums have a feature...

"See all new postings since your last visit"

Clicking this shows you any new posting regardless of which "sub-forum" it may have been posted to.

I think this is very helpful as some one who is mostly active in the... say... Propagation Forum may have an answer for someone who posted a question to some other forum.

Plus... many of the "sub-forums" seem like they only experience occasional activity... and maybe this is because the overall GardenWeb forum is so finely sub-divided

So my suggestions are...

1 - Add the feature to "see all new postings since my last visit"

2 - Narrow the number of sub-forums or categories so the activity level in each forum is higher.

(then folks with an interest in a narrow topic can use the search feature to search across sub-forums for their particular interest)

If feature number one is already available and I just missed it... maybe you should make it more obvious so it hits me in the face :-)


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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Without a click counter one really doesn't know how much activity a forum gets. I've seen cases over at another forum where a title may get a thousand views and no replies, all lurkers.

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Determining a "view" vs a new "post" (and/or "response") are different things.

In the case referenced in the original post new "post" (and/or "responses") since the last visit was the topic... not how many 'views' since the last visit...

Basically a new "post" (and/or "response" )are simply new records added to the forum database and each record would have a 'record id' number automatically assigned when the new record was added/created.

So, if there were 100 records in the database (100 post) then that number (100) would be saved in a members profile upon their viewing the forum.

Then next time they came back to the forum the data base application would see that there were now (for example) 125 post in the forum and inform the returning member that there were 25 new post since their last visit and offer them the option to... 'would you like to view them now?'

Easy peasy :-)

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