adive for plan reviews and picture formats

planleaf3February 7, 2012

for those what plan reviews.

1. make sure you have squares not rectangles in your picture.

2. color you squares with different veg

3. if the name of veg or variety has a long name create

a key and number the square or use abbreviation

4 follow kiss rule.

5. remember that square foot gardening uses succession planting of different vegetables and interval planting of same veg.

6 diagram out your plan for succession and interval planting

7. try to separate perennial crops and annual crops in to separate box. since perennial crop do not like there roots disturbed.

8. remember the triangle rule of gardening tall plants on north side of box short plants on south side.

9. have a complete list of the plants in each box and the number you plan on planting.

10 it is best to you a spreadsheet to clearly block you squares. or photo copy the grids in back of Mel's book to

work out you squares.

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