Critters over running my yard

BedofCannas(7a)April 7, 2014

Hi all! Happy Spring!
I need some suggestions on how to keep a groundhog, raccoon and possums out of my yard, and out of my raised veggie beds. My black Lab wants to catch them, not in a good way.
I can't put a trap out, because here in the city, we have stray cats in our yard too. It would be quite a job to keep letting cats out of trap. LOL The critters knows when the cats and my Lab aren't around. I've seen them come and go from yard to yard. I'm assuming the groundhog ate holes through two neighbors fences. My husband just retired so there's not much money to spend on extra things. Any help would be appreciated.

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Its been said daffodils can help keep voles and some digging mammals out of the area because they are severely toxic to them. In my experience I think ive seen it work but I have daffodils scattered around, not planted en masse.

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I did have daffodils in another bed last year. Something ate them. LOL Whatever ate them left the hyacinth, tulips and the pachysandra alone. I'm wondering sprinkling hot pepper flakes around everything? thank you for your response.

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We came across this information somewhere but don't remember, but anyway we were having problems with many small critters showing up due the drought and having the animals coming up from the creek. We live on a small private lane and we were all having problems. My neighbor had baby skunks following her home when she went for her walks. We had a bunch of them tucked up under my window in a little nest. Someone told us about peppermint oil, so after spending $10 on peppermint oil at whole foods because no one else had it, we finally got rid of our intruders.. I soaked cotton balls with it and threw them under the house and all around our problem and that was about 2 years ago. So maybe it does work.. I keep a bottle in the cupboard now just in case. Good luck.. you can throw it down the holes with the voles and gophers go.. having dogs and cats help to..

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