What Eats Glads?

rokkis_mom(z7 Atlanta)June 6, 2007

My gladiolas are just about to bust out in bloom. I had one early bird that opened its top 3 or 4 flowers yesterday and today it's gone! Just the flower stalk from the first buds up. Anybody have any ideas? It wasn't my grandchildren. I want to be able to enjoy the rest of them.

Help, please.

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feathertrader(z8 AL)

I hate to even ask, but is there a clear cut?
I had a similar problem many, mnay years ago of Hyacinths blooming. I was so excited as it was my very first flower garden EVER. (I only had about six flowers)
I found out from one neighbor that another neigbhor decided to come into my yard and help herself.

It was such an absurd accusation in my mind that I looked at the stalk carefully and saw that the plants were cut. No insect could have made such a clean line.

Aside from that, I'm like you . . . I would have to suspect my grandgirls if they were around.

In fact, it is Glad bulbs that I had my grandgirls plant this year. Every year during Easter they plant some sort of bulb or seed. They have markers with their names on them to mark the ground where their plants will eventually come up. We ended planting a bit later this time so no flowers of yet, but it shouldn't be long.
But I will be curious to read what others might suggest to you.

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