Weird White stuff growing on my soil

markj1955June 10, 2013

I have some basil growing on my deck, and overnight, it developed a strange white substance, not on the plant, but on the soil around the plant. I am thinking it may be some sort of fungus or mold because the weather has been rainy over the past week. Plus, the container is fairly shaded even though the leaves get enough sun.

The picture is a close up of the top of the soil.

Any ideas about how to treat? Or should I just put in new soil and get new plants (don't want to get sick)?

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A very tiny fungi, not necessarily bad and some plants actually benefit from them when the fungi has a relationship with the plant's roots to transport nutrients. If the plant is not suffering, I would not worry about it.

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Thank you, I could not find any pictures or a description that looks like this. Your response is very helpful.

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