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bestlawn(6)May 10, 2007

I don't know if it possible, but I hope there can be a sticky post placed at the top of the threads on the Lawn Care Forum. A sticky will stay on top and cannot accept any replies. The problem with the Lawn Care Forum is the importance of knowing where a poster lives in the country. This information is vital because it guides, if not determines, answers that are given since lawn care regimes vary widely between different species of grass, and various different species are subject to location. That statement can also be broken down by variety and again by cultivars. The variables can be endless but easily addressed if we know in what state we are trying to offer advice. Without knowing, we are left with more questions than were asked in the first place.

In many cases, an anwer cannot be offered without knowing where the poster lives. In the past, we were always able to look to member pages to find out, but that has been stripped out after IVillage purchased, leaving only "United States" or "Canada" or whatever. That is not enough info and new members do not know how much info is necessary, so they don't tell us until asked. It is similar as with the Computer Help Forum. Most answers cannot be offered without knowing the person's operating system, yet new people don't think to tell that important information. I do realize the zone is listed but not everyone, such as myself, are familiar with all the agriculture zones. Besides that, it is still too general and too little info in most cases. I, myself, offer suggestions that are state specific. My answers will be vastly different to someone living in Michigan as to someone in New York. Yet, these two states are in the same zone according to the site's "crude" map. Thereby, knowing only the zone is no help at all.

If a sticky is not possible, may the request please be placed as part of forum instructions.

Such as this.........

I did post the request on the forum in hopes it would stay there a while, but some errrr very smart person posted a response despite my asking everyone not to. So much for that.

Thanks so much

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I second that wonderful suggestion of including When posting a question, please express in what what state or province you live being added.

We have a similar situation with members on the trading boards, with no email link on their member page, and also no zone and state listed that will appear in the post behind their name.

I wrote and saved to favorites something I post to each members thread that does not include the necessary or helpful info.

It goes like this
Welcome to Garden Web! They are usually new members.

I thought you might like to know that there is no way to email you they way your preferences are set.

I suggest you go to the bottom of any page here and click on 'Member Pages'.
then Edit Preferences.
Then using the drop down box, set it to show your email addy to Members only.
then check the box to allow others to email you via the forms here at GW. That will place a link on your member page so folks can reach you.

You might also want to (while you are there) fill in your gardening zone, and your state abbreviation.

I for one (and some others too)prefer to trade some things with members that are 100 miles away, as opposed to 1000 or more. Often if I can't tell where someone is located, I just don't reply to threads started by traders.

Happy gardening and trading!
Then I find they either change it, and folks respond, or they don't change it and the post sinks (as it should)

Maybe something like that could be posted as a reply instead of members first asking over and over just where a member is located.

Sue...resident busybody on the main exchanges

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billhill(z5 MI - KBG)

Excellent suggestion. Another suggestion was made recently to include a link to the organic lawn forum from the lawn forum. Also a link to the organic lawn FAQ which is found in the organic gardening forum would be helpful to our readers.

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deerslayer(Z5 NE IL KBG)

I think it is an excellent suggestion. Also, I think knowing both state and zone would be helpful to responders. I set up my profile to automatically display Zone 5 NE Illinois on all of my posts. I find it easier than typing the information each time.


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theyardbird(z7 OK, TTTF)

That's a very good suggestion. I think a helpful version of this request would be to allow people a short, text only, signature line be appended to their posts. It could contain information like:
Grass type(s)
Shade/No Shade, etc.

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Excellent suggestion. I did the same thing Deerslayer did, making my zone 5UT because zone 5 in Utah is so different from zone 5 elsewhere. The problem is that new posters don't know how important the state information is in the lawncare forum, and it can make a huge difference.

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

I also agree with the above posters. It's extremely difficult for those that have the knowledge and can help to address the myriad of problems that arise on the Lawn Forum from folks that really need this help.


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Wonderful idea! It'd cut out the first few "where are you?" messages from those who don't think to post it.

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Implementation of this suggestion will result in specific and relevant answers. Posters will be encouraged to return knowing that they will get 'tailor-made' suggestions to their queries. I SECOND!!

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egghead2004(5/Central MA)

Great idea, but a limit of 3 or 4 stickys would be nice.

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turf_toes(SE Pennsylvania KBG)

I think that is a great idea!

If not this idea, then how about reenabling the state/province identification field for new members?

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As a rookie who has gained a lot of valuable knowledge from these guys (and gals of course), I think it's a great idea.

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squonk61(upstate NY)

Good suggestion.... helps in responses and follow-ups.

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storey3(NH- Zone 5)

This is a wonderful suggestion!

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I agree

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Really hoping to get an answer one way or another. If nothing is possible, may we please be told?

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I totally agree!

I spend a lot of time on the vegetable & tomato forums and it's very frustrating when someone asks a question about diseases, insects, etc and you don't know what part of the world they live.

I generally don't even bother to attempt an answer because I'm tired of repeating myself!!

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It's too bad having to feel that way, Peggy. I was trying to avoid what I know is to come. As it nears seeding season on the Lawn Care Forum for northern areas and transition zone, it is going to be an annoyingly frustrating joke trying to offer cultivar suggestions.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

Too bad...I checked in the forums over the weekend, same ole same ole. If people only understood the importance of knowing a location when they post a question. It so often makes all the difference in the world. I've found a new site though where the moderators listen and respond. Imagine that!

The people who own this site AREN'T gardeners..can you tell!!?

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angela12345(7b NC Mixed-Humid)

I agree with this suggestion. It is not helpful at all that you can only see United States as the person's location. Which is why I have mine showing 7b NC.

I used to frequent the building a home forum a lot and another thing we needed to know there was what kind of climate the person had for answering questions about building envelopes and energy useage, etc. That is why mine also shows Mixed-Humid, which means we get very hot as well as cold and we are in a high humidity area. One of the most challenging building climates.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

I'd love a forum where I could request that someone come and care for my lawn.

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