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diggerb2(z5oh)May 7, 2008

it would be great to have a Northern ohio forum.

Most of the south shore of lakes erie and ontario from toledo to buffalo have pretty much the same garden zone

and weather with a variation in the amount of snow we see.

its a grouping that makes sense:

great lakes forum comprises a huge area: minn, wisc., ill, ind.,ohio, mich (up/lp), pa, ny as well as 3 (4?) canadian

provinces. This includes zones 3,4,5, and 6 gardening.

what do this grouping have in common?

the ohio valley forum covers the northern part of KY, WVA,

and the southern parts of OH, IN & ILL. all these places have pretty much the same zone 6 gardening zone. this makes sense.

just an idea


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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Good suggestion.

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virakech(z5 Ohio)

Central Ohio here, and having the same wish.

I'm so tired of feeling like I can't find a place here. It sure would be nice to talk with people nearby. I would love to trade and get ideas from people living in this area.

Ohio Valley just isn't going to work for me, and Midwest has few from my area posting in it, so I wonder around the roses and the clematis forum.

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It's great and pleasure to me that one forum is there for Ohio,by this i can share my views on Ohio.I searched so many site for discussion with Ohio people but i never find those,now its the one forum i searching for.

Ohio Drug Addiction

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I'd figured it was only a matter of time before state forums got subdivided up into substate forums.

Considering climate differences and regional pride, we should probably have at least four different Ohio forums:

Lake Erie Ohio Gardening Forum
Northern Ohio Away From The Lake Gardening Forum
Central Ohio Gardening Forum
Southern Ohio Gardening Forum

Then people living in and around the major cities will want to split off into their own forums.

Eventually we'll wind up with completely specific forums, each with about five active participants. But at least they won't have to deal with outsiders.

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IMHO you'll lose a lot of input and good interaction if you split up your forums too much. I'm active on the Florida forum and we cover at least 3 distinct zones. But we all share opinions and experience that's valuable to all. If there is a post specifically about a plant I can't grow in Central Florida, I just don't read that one. We get together for swaps and of course they are mostly attended by regional locals but sometimes we draw in forum members from around the state because we chat so often on line.
I think there's more value in having a larger membership than in having smaller, more specific groups. Just something for you to consider.

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maozamom NE Ohio

I'd be thrilled with an Ohio forum. Lots of other states have one. I'm an hour south of the lake so that forum is out. I'm well north of the Ohio Valley so that's another that doesn't work. We have little in common with most mid-west states. Look at a map, if we're mid-west than so is Ky. Pa. has a forum but we can't post on their trade page. No regional forum works for us. It would be nice if there was a place for us.


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