Transplant-ability of Vibernum- spring boquet???

moremoremoreJune 27, 2009

Hello to all...well, my landscaper planted my vibernum today...He wasn't really familiar with them (he does this part time) but I told him that these are a compact variety (what I was told) and shouldn't be more than 4 feet wide since they are in total shade...

Well, each set of 2 were planted about 1 1/2 feet apart. I am using them for sceening am very impatient. I'm trying to get some more privacy from the 4 young kids moving in next door (hehe)...I couldn't find larger ones than 3 gallon pots so that's what I used. Which leads me to my question-

I'm SO tempted to leave them where they are amd let them grow....if they get rather large by next year, do you think I can then transplant them at that point and move them furhter apart?

Yes, I"m all about stupid, instant gratification.

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OMG. That spelling is terrible. Apologies. I managed to spell viburnum and bouquet wrong. Lovely.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Oh, you can transplant them. When I moved to this house, I had a viburnum (not Spring Bouquet) at the old place that had only been in the ground for a year and I dug it, potted it, and transplanted it here with no problem.

Then, four years later, we dug it up and transplanted it again to another place in the yard. By that time, it was well over six feet tall and a good four feet wide. It made the change with no problems, though I wouldn't recommend moving a plant that size for your marriage. :)

If you do it, do the moving in late fall or very early spring. It's best to dig the new hole first and dig it very wide, adding good amendments, etc. Then dig, drag, and replant, instantly watering thoroughly. It took several years to bloom, but it made it fine.

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I'm thrilled to get a response and a great one at that! Thanks so much....I'm relieved that I can move them (haha at not moving them to save your marriage)....That way they can grow a bit and when the start to give me a little more privacy in the back I can move them at that point...I'm actually going to get 2 more today and husband thinks I'm crazy! He asked if I just want a wall of bushes and to not be able to see any neighbors...and I said yes! :)

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