42 more reasons to LOOOVE roses

Arcus_85(5b)September 29, 2013

Hey there guys. Finally got a chance to sit down and do a post. So here's some of my roses from the past month. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!




Impulse. Would have been perfect had I covered it before the rain.

Hot Lady

Imperatrice Farah

Veteran's Honor

Pope John Paul II


Twice In A Blue Moon. Smells heavenly!




Hot Princess

Let Freedom Ring

Bold & Beautiful

Stainless Steel

Pink Promise

Asso Di Cuori

Liverpool Remembers

Charles De Gualle

The Great White

Christian Dior

Uncle Joe



Lady X

Maharashi (aka Flaming Kardinal)


Cesar Chavez

Girls Night Out


Grande Amore


Aint She Sweet

Black Magic

Hope you enjoyed! :0)

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the_bustopher z6 MO

All are very nice! Thanks much for sharing.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)


Uncle Joe is my absolute favorite of your roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh so beautiful. AHHHHHH :)

I've decided that I really like red flowers - your pictures have really helped me with that discovery. :)

These are the pictures of yours that really, to me, are unbelievable

- Uncle Joe!!!!!
- Christian Dior
- Black Magic
- Acapella - oh, my goodness!! My 2nd favorite
- Rossi - does this one have scent?
- Girls' Night Out
- Cesar's Chavez !!!!!
- Flaming Kardinal (can't remember the other name)

Oh I give up - I just want your whole garden!!
Thanks so much.

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I love them all. The ones that are REALLY SPECIAL to me are -

Hot Lady
Asso Di Cuori
Liverpool Remembers
Cesar Chavez
Girls Night Out
Grande Amore
Black Magic

I really like all of your lavenders and oranges, but the Liverpool Remembers is really something! So glad you shared these!

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I really enjoyed your roses. I would love to see garden pictures some day. I bet you have an amazing garden!Your roses are perfect in form and your leaves look so healthy. I will be looking for more! Thanks, lesley

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Smorgisburg of roses! Very nice roses you have Arcus_85!

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Very impressive. I ordered Charles de Gaulle for next year, hope it turns out as nice as yours.

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Gorgeous photos!! Love that MAHARASHI! I just ordered SNUFFY. Looks like I'll love it! I have to assume you must spray? Your blooms are all perfect. Unlike my thrips-ridden ones. Thanks for the beautiful photo show!

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Thanks ladies and gents. I love sharing all my hard work with you guys. I usually spend about eight to ten hours a day out with the roses. There's always something to be done. I'll work on getting you some garden shots here soon. With the exception of 3 or 4, all of these roses were new this spring. So I'm just now starting to get size on my bushes and full flushes. Go figure, winter is just around the corner.
Carol- Rossi does have a smell. Sometimes it's quite intense. Very fruity! And Uncle Joe is quite the showoff. Not kidding when I say apple sized blooms...
Beth- Oh I feel your pain! Thrips are enemy number 1 in my garden. And if you start asking other rosarians, many of them will tell you they are their biggest issue. Yet not many of them seem to have a solution. I'm experimenting with something new right now. Sprays just only go so far (which is not very far at all), and they can be quite expensive as you all know. I'll fill you all in and post the results when I've figured out if it's working. And oh, you will LOVE Snuffy! That wasn't even a particularly spectacular bloom for her. She's breathtaking!

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Oh and Beth, I forgot to mention. I remember you saying you thought Snuffy was a weird name for a rose. Well I recently spoke with John Smith and asked him why he named the rose Snuffy. He said it was his father's nickname (after the comic book character). Dina Gee (pronounced Deena G), one of John's other amazing hybrid teas, is named after his mother. :0)

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Wow - Rossi looks fantastic - AND - it's fragrant. Not bad for a yellow. I might have to get that one if it's ever at Pickering or Pallantine.

Uncle Joe is another one I'd like - but it looks like one that would need a lot of heat? We only get to about 80 here. Once in a while maybe 90.

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Ohh so sad here, Arcus_85. There are too many photos on this one thread for me to see the show. I know you are busy, but could you somehow divide these up on different threads? Pretty, please?

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Wonderful--they are all wonderful!


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Great roses, great photos of them. I love them all!

But Snuffy makes me remember a childhood dog who hated me after I left for college. He would guard his biscuits and growl at me when I came home for the holidays and heaven forbid that I would point at my mother's feet. He sounded like he'd kill me!

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Thank you for the beautiful photos! Are the colors true?....or are they enhanced?....I have about half of these roses, and I photograph them every day....this is my first blooms in my new garden and the novelty hasn't worn off yet. I don't think my camera is as good as yours, and the reds come out quite dull, and not at all like the real color. I'm especially interested in Kardinal and Veteran's Honor, as I have these on order.

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Wow! I really like Snuffy and Pink Promise1

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the_bustopher z6 MO

All are very nice. Thanks for the eyeful.

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