Gardenia Maintenance

the_virginian(Zone 7 NoVA)June 20, 2006

I finally got my gardenia (Kleim's Hardy) to start looking good after it got lots of yellow leaves earlier this month. I used Epsom Salts, Miracle Gro Shake 'N Feed for Azaleas, Camelias and Rhotedendrons, Blood Meal and liquid feed Miracle Gro for acid loving plants. I has been looking good for the last two weeks and is getting watered every couple of days. What should I do to maintain the good blooms/green leaves while not having to "nuke" it with chemicals when it starts looking bad?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You used ALL of that on your plant???????????

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the_virginian(Zone 7 NoVA)

Yes, but not all at once and in reasonable quantities.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I use alot of stuff on mine as well -every 3-4 weeks. My hardy gardenia is still setting buds and all four of my others still look healthy and bloomed well this year so far.
I use MG azelia fert., epson salt, few drops of superthrive, and liquid iron all in the same 3 gal. bucket -quantities as per instructions. I have found that if I overwater they will get yellow leaves (not with green veins) so I have to watch that.
Mine are all outdoors in large pots. I planted them in MG for roses (acidic mix) mixed with cedar chips and perlite. Seems to be working well. Planted some other acid lovers this way too.
With all the horror stories about gardenias, including the infamous suicidal gardenia thread, I was afraid to grow them. This is my first year with them and they are doing well. I imagine if they were in the ground they may not need as many chemicals etc.

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I rarely do anything to mine except mulch them with shredded pine bark. Occasionally I have used fish emulsion on them, and they seem to like that. I think Gardenias are one of those plants that people tend to "love to death" - literally!

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pameliap(Z8 Florence, SC)

Mine are just in plain soil and full sun, one of the first things I planted here when we moved the house (we were so busy rewiring, replumbing, dry-walling, re-doing hardwood floors etc. that they were lucky to be planted at all). They're mulched with cypress and get watered once a day when it doesn't rain. No fertilizer, amendments, corn meal, nothing. They started at about 1 foot tall, 1 foot wide and are now escaping the bed at about 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. They've bloomed their hearts out this year and are still blooming. And no yellow leaves. Unfortunately, in the fall I'll have to move them because they've outgrown the bed. Hopefully I can find a place they like as well.

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I bought a hardy gardenia last year and planted it in a protected area near my back door. It only had a few blooms last year.

It thrived this past winter and looked wonderful this Spring but I did notice that some of the leaves were turning yellow. I gave it a couple of doses of regular Miracle Grow and within a few weeks I noticed lots of buds. I just picked off all the yellow leaves and it really was quite a lot but the bush is fairly full so it still looked full and hardy.

The bush isn't much more than about two feet tall and maybe that wide but I swear it must have had about 75 to 100 blooms on it. Unbelievable. They have just about all bloomed out now and I'm wondering if I should deadhead it. I still notice a few yellow leaves now and then but when I try to pull them they hold on pretty tight, not like most yellowing leaves that will fall off if you shake the bush. Is this just a trait of the hardy gardenia?



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Hi I just about loved my gardenia to death hehe its comin back ,but wow they go down fast. Have 2 side by side in pots and one just yellowed whole branches of leafs on one side .The other looks great I watered and cut bad branches off and almost cried but its commin back and lookin good boy what a scare.

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Can anybody help? I have a very large (old) gardenia. It is about 10 ft tall and at least 8 ft around. It only had a few buds on it, I actually didnt realize it was a gardenia when I first moved here. The bush is thinning, has some black sooty markings on some leaves. Is it Ok to trim this back , start a feeding system and let it grow back? If so, when is the best time to cut it back? Thanks

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pameliap(Z8 Florence, SC)

I just pruned mine for the first time. They should be pruned right after they bloom so that they have time to put on some new growth before winter. This growth is where the blooms will be next year. I pruned about a foot (off of three foot tall plants) because I'm going to be moving them when it gets cooler.

My dad has one (the "mom" to mine) that he has pruned back by half last year because it got to be over 6 feet and five feet wide. It came back beatifully this year.

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I am in zone 8 Dallas Texas area. Where in your yard is your Gardenia located? I have August Beauty and have one in full sun still in container and healthy. The other has just been transplanted in the ground to a shadier spot and now has yellow leaves on half of the plant. I am afraid to transplant the healthy potted plant but eventually I will just wanted some advice before putting in the ground.


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My Father had bought me a typical Gardenia for Easter and it was in bloom.It was healthy with sturdy dark green leaves. I had it transfer into a clay pot. I use regular Miracle Grow Liquid drops for house plants. Since Eatser the plant keeps loosing a lot of leaves it is producing new ones and they stay a lighter shade of green. I water well once a week and the plant is kept inside on a stand next to a window. What am I doing wrong ? Why is it loosing so many leaves?

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Those of you with yellowing leaves, I ask this: does your bush get root competition from trees? If so, that's the problem. They are extremely picky about that and will sulk everytime. Put them in a bed away from trees and I'll bet they'll do just fine. I top dress mine with a bag of composted manure (the cheap kind from Lowe's) each spring, keep them watered and that's it. Blooms and beautiful green leaves all the time. IF they get aphids, white flies, etc. (and they are magnets for these. That's where the black sooty mold is coming from.), spray them with malathion. Make sure you get it on the undersides of the leaves. Do two sprayings: about a week apart. If you are totally organic, mix up some insecticidal soap and spray in the same way. It will take more sprays, closer together, but will do the trick. Also, if the bugs are newly infested, you can often knock them off the plant with a strong spray of plain water form the hose.

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I never knew there was a "hardy" gardenia, bought it this year here in N.Y. State (zone 5) and now I wonder if it will survive. I'm planting in a protected area, should I mulch or wrap this winter and do they lose their leaves in fall? Thanks for any help provided!

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I bought three Gardenia's(Hardy)two years ago,but so far
they have not flowered,also some of the leaves are yellow and brown,they look very sad what can I do.

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