dreamgoddessJune 1, 2013

I have never planted Clematis before, but bought two of them this week. I would love to put one on each side of an arch at the end of the walk coming up to my front porch. The little tab stuck down in the plants stated they needed 3-6 hours of sun.

If I plant them at the end of the walk, they will be completely shaded in the morning by a big magnolia tree, but will get full afternoon sun.

Do you think they would grow well there, or do I need to rethink this and plant them in another spot?

By the way, I do not have a green thumb when it comes to flowers and gardens, so any advice is very much appreciated.

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If the tag says they take full sun then afternoon sun is fine. 3-6 sounds like they mean "part sun" in which case the afternoon sun is a bit harsh for plants like that. However, if you have good moisture (due to drainage or irrigation), they could be ok.

By the way, clematis cling by thin tendrils so they will need a support that is thin enough to wrap around. Thin metal trellis or string supports ... or a shrub that they can grow up through or beside.

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