Bringing Lena Scotch Broom back to life?

ryank817June 28, 2012

I picked up a Lena Scotch Broom at Lowe's the other day for a dollar as they're clearing out stock for the new season. It's barely clinging to life, but I think it can make it with some TLC. Any suggestions for how to make this plant come back around? We have all the Zone 8 full sun it could want, but I'm not sure what the best soil would be for it and what if any kind of fertilizer would help.

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When I pick up things like this and try to revive them I generally do this:
cut it back, plant in ground, keep well watered, use a liquid root stimulator with some of the waterings, do NOT fertilize - let it recover, mulch heavily but not right up to the stem.
Good luck.
Laurie in Mississippi

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