Fun plant swap Florence MS July 25!

susana_mc(8a Jackson MS)July 15, 2009

There will be a plant swap at the Florence park at 9 am Saturday July 25! Florence Mississippi is 7 miles south of Jackson on Highway 49, just south of Richland. The Florence park address is 437 Church St., Florence MS 39073, url is:

I have been setting this plant swap up through Just log on at free, then 'dmail' me at the username "zonkel" for details about the tradelist. This will make sure other members will bring the plants you want.

This is just a fun swap organized by me to meet other folks interested in gardening! I rented the pavilion at the park, so there is plenty of room - lets have a plant swap party!

Susana_Mc, aka zonkel

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You are to be commended for your efforts.

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Susana, how did your plant swap go? How many people showed up? Thanks, Terry.

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Susana, please check on the Alabama forum in the next few weeks. We are planning our swap and would love for you to make the long trek from Jackson to Alabama. Share this with any of your Mississippi friends.

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susana_mc(8a Jackson MS)

I'd love to go to see you in Alabama if I can!

The Florence (Jackson MS) plant swap was small (7 people) but alot of fun! We got to trade dozens of plants and meet gardeners in the area. The hit was probably a lemon tree that has survived in Jackson; one kind person gave us four of them!

We had 5 from DavesGarden, and 2 who saw an ad I put in the local grocery store.

We may get together again for the Mississippi State Univ. Truck Crop Experiment Station fall festival; the Southern Fruit Fellowship will have a booth there to sign up members. Here's the URL for the mid-October Festival:

Susan Mc

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Awww man! I've been slacking on checking the forum and missed this event. Would have loved to have joined y'all. Would have expecially loved to have gotten my hands on a lemon tree :)
I'll see you in Crystal Springs in October for sure!
Raymond, MS

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susana_mc(8a Jackson MS)

Gail gave me 2 lemon trees in a pot. I could meet you at Crystal Springs in October on the Friday (when my kids will be in school) and bring you one of them. I could meet you at the booth for the Southern Fruit Fellowship- there will probably be really neat fruit trees there for sale. Or you can email me and we could make other arrangements.

Susan McIntosh, Florence Mississippi

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Hi Susan,

Sorry I didn't make it to the Florence plant swap. Got distracted with grandkids.

Tsmith mentioned one in Alabama. do you have any info on that one yet?


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susana_mc(8a Jackson MS)

That one is posted on the Alabama forum. It is in Talladega, around an hour past Birmingham. I would love to go, but with kids in school (I have an 11 an 13-year-old), I doubt I'll make it. It looks like it will be bigger than ours- it would be great fun! However, I am out of plants to swap and need to concentrate on getting the seeds I've traded for on Gardenweb planted!

It seems that there is not enough time or $$ to do what I'd really like to do, so I'd better stick close to home for now.


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