Pampas Grass

mkvazquezJuly 10, 2007

Does this make a decent foundation plant. In georgia ? I want something taller or " full to hide utility meters or " detract from them " and was wondering if this works for foundation. ALso how much does it push up at the ground. I have concrete curbing as well .

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The blades of pampas grass are extremely sharp. You certainly don't want to plant it where the meter readers would have to brush up against it to read the meter. It can also get quite large.

There are other ornamental grasses that would be a better fit. Or what about a shrub?

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I wholeheartedly agree with esh ga. In addition to his/her remarks, Pampas grass gets so huge I can't imagine a house that would want it in a foundation planting.

Miscanthus grasses would probably fill the bill for your purposes, but there are lots of good evergreen shrubs that would work too: Cleyera, Sweet Olive, and Arborvitaes come to mind, but there are loads more.

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redsnowflake(7A - TN)

I have a pampas grass plant and to be honest, I hate it. We used to have two (were here when we moved in) and I had my brother-in-law dig up one. Once cooler temperatures arrive, we will be digging up the other one.

As has been stated, it is razor sharp and gets huge. I trimmed ours back to around 3 or 4 feet this year, and it is already over 7 or 8 feet high. And that's with it being in only partial sun. Were it in full sun, I imagine it would grow even more vigorously.

While I don't have any suggestions, I will say that if you decide you would still like to use pampas grass, you're more than welcome to mine. I'm located in Chattanooga.

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