sfg and csa ideas for 2012

snibb(Salt Lake City)February 1, 2012

SFG season is just around the corner. I've been killing myself this off-season putting my site together and it's finally starting to take shape. But, my question is this: has anyone been successful in selling a "share" or "shares" of their SFG to a friend or neighbors? You have some of these huge CSA's around that have long waiting lists or they have hit their maximum numbers of people that they can handle. I was thinking of trying to sell just one "share" to someone for something like $20/week(the going rate). My SFG is not that big but I could handle at least 1 share. Has anyone else done anything like this? It seems to me that some of the people who don't make it on the official CSA membership roles might be interested in this? What do you think?..thanks..

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snibb(Salt Lake City)

bump? what does that mean?

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bump means that the person that read your question thinks it is valid/good, and is sending it back to the top of the queue by responding to the message with a simple bump...

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snibb(Salt Lake City)

man i have a lot to learn

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Snibb, I guess I would be worried about any liability of actually selling my produce. G*d forbid something disagrees with them or they find some reason to complain or you can't deliver what's agreed on. But if you need to earn the money, you can probably find someone who you'd feel comfortable entering into a transaction with. The cost of the share seems about right. Good luck. Amazing that you have that much left over at the end of each week.

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snibb(Salt Lake City)

Never thought of the legal angle. Well, that about does it then for me because that's not worth it...maybe I will find a neighbor that would be intereted. Sad that it comes down to this

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Maybe you could figure out some trades? I have a friend who I trade veggies for fresh eggs. It's not as good as cash, but it's a mutually beneficial transaction.

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snibb(Salt Lake City)

good thought basil

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Hi Snibb, I didn't mean to freak you out about the legal angle. It's just that here in the bay area, everyone is so litigious. Ugh. And, CSAs are extremely trendy here, as well. Farmers have branded themselves and certain farms are more "exclusive" than others. People have a very high expectation of what they are to receive from the csas---and it might be hard for you to meet a certain expectation of that if you're a home grower.

But, I agree with basil... trades would be a fabulous idea. Trading for eggs is brilliant, and if I could do that, I would.

I actually think that is how the "olden days" used to be in many parts of Europe and the mIddle east. Some families grew some crops, and traded with other families that grew other crops.

One other idea, if you can't find a person to trade with and just want to make sure your garden is enjoyed by more people, the regional food banks are always looking for donations.

Happy gardening.

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