tomato suckers

namastemomiJuly 18, 2009

Is it always necessary to pinch back the suckers on tomato plants? Especially if it is putting on fruit - They can sometimes seem stronger and more productive than the main branch. My indeterminate tomato plants do this as they reach above 6 feet tall and have finished producing nearer to the bottom of the plant.

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The only time I feel it is NECESSARY to pinch out suckers is early on so you get one main stem growing strong and tall to be tied to your stake. If you are using a tomato cage, I don't see any need at all. If you want late tomatoes until frost, you can root some suckers. Depending on where you are in SC, you could have fried green tomatoes for Thanksgiving.

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coastal-tony(S Florida #10)

These are a few of my suckers. I placed them in shot glasses with water till they rooted. Gave them an extra week to get stronger and potted them in a nice growing medium, mixed with coarse pine bark.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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