Lavender going dormant?

eastTNGardenerJuly 20, 2013

Over 5 - 6 years I've planted various lavender species on a steep slope in my backyard. I've had inconsistent luck with them. A couple have survived from my original attempts to plant 5 - 6 years ago, but others I plant go into a funk where they are brown and I've been assuming they are dead and replacing them. I now have a couple of newer ones slipping into a funk again. The 2 that have gone brown were in full beautiful bloom a few weeks ago, they bloomed earlier than 2 other lavenders beside them. those 2 that are beside them are healthy and in full bloom at present. Do lavenders grow in cycles where they go dormant for a while? The ones that bloomed earlier in the season now resemble what I see all of the plants looking like in the winter season. They are in a spot where they get full sun all day. We did get a lot more rain here than normal this summer, so maybe the ground was too wet for them? It's puzzling though because the others in the area are still doing great.

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No, no cycles of dormancy--welcome to the climate of he East coast! It has just been to abnormally wet and HUMID. Lavenders and Rosemarys are all suffering right now. When we turn to severe drought, they'll be stellar!--they want a hot, sunny, DRY summer--hate humidity.

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